Hope For Living Pain Free
An original low back injury in 1996 led to a secondary upper back, neck, and right shoulder trauma in 1998, which initiated almost constant right upper back tension and spasms. To add a little spice to life, a fall in June 2009 resulted in a minor right rotator cuff injury which only worsened and extended all my other symptoms.
After two medical referrals to visit Dr. Cox, I began to see him in February 2010 and the "unwinding" process began with the first visit.
Dr. Cox's approach has been totally different than any other I had previously experienced. He has made an unwavering commitment to go back to the original injuries when nerves and muscle groups learned to go into tension and forget to relax. It has taken 8 months with Dr. Cox's "unwinding" techniques, his wife Patty's supportive exercise/stretch instruction and me following a home exercise program to see change.
This almost 70 year old body is not always cooperative and it has not been without painful times in trying to eliminate adhesions and inflammation, etc.
The result, however, of having consistent freedom from pain is wonderful. I still cannot get too overconfident and neglect the stretching etc., but it is a delight to revisit Dr. Cox and hear "this is a different body."
Over these 15 years there has been a huge investment from insurance and personally in seeing many doctors and seeking various avenues and therapies. Most helped but never brought resolution. I am so grateful for the referral to Dr. Cox and his professional team as more has been accomplished in this short time than ever before and I have hope for living pain free from this long enduring problem. 
                                                                    Sandy Johnson, RN

Great Strides in Relieving Pain and Discomfort
I came to Sound Health Chiropractic a short time ago in very bad shape with problems both recent and dating back 15 years. Dr. Cox and I together have made great strides in relieving my pain and discomfort. I now have hope that my physical health will be excellent very soon. It‘s been a long time since I felt this good.

     Dana Heald